Princess Dragon Gets Sick

Princess Dragon woke up on a sunny Saturday. But, she didn’t feel right. Her forehead was warm, her nose was runny, and she had a headache.

“Princess Dragon, it’s time for breakfast!” Galoof the caveman piped up the stairs.

“I… don’t feel good” groaned Princess Dragon.

“Are you sick?” Galoof asked.

“I think so.” the Princess puffed.

Galoof the caveman came up the stairs with a thermometer. He placed it under Princess Dragon’s tongue.

“Now, hold this here for two minutes, and don’t drink anything or breathe fire.” Galoof explained.

Princess Dragon waited patiently. Galoof waited doctorly.

When the thermometer came out of Princess Dragon’s mouth, it showed a fever!

“You’ll have to stay home, Princess Dragon.” Galoof sighed.

Princess Dragon just flipped over and moaned.

“Can you get me some juice?” She huffed.

“Yes” Galoof replied right away.

“and medicine?”


“…and tissues, my favorite toys, and stuffed animals?”


“…and a a new blanket? And can you turn the TV on?”

Galoof  just nodded and moaned.

All day long, Princess Dragon slept and snored. And she only woke up to call for Galoof to bring her more things.

At the end of the day, Princess Dragon was feeling better. Her fever was gone, her nose wasn’t running, and her head felt just fine.

But, as Princess Dragon looked around her room, she saw all sorts of empty juice boxes, tissues all over her bed, and toys and stuffed animals scattered throughout the room. She realized how much she stuff she had asked Galoof to bring her all day.

She called Galoof again. When he got up to her room, he had dark circles under his eyes, he was hunched over and VERY tired.

“Galoof, I’m sorry I asked for all this stuff, but thanks for bringing it to me.” Princess Dragon cleaned up all of her toys, and gathered up and threw away all of her empty juice boxes and tissues. When she was done, she turned to Galoof and…

“Achoo!” sneezed Galoof.

I guess tomorrow, Princess Dragon will be taking care of Galoof.


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