Turn Off The Light! A Short Bedtime Story

Princess Dragon was still playing when the sun went down in the sky. She heard Galoof the Caveman yell “Princess Dra-a-agon! It’s time to go to bed.” So Princess Dragon went to bed. But she didn’t turn off the light!

Galoof said “Princess Dra-a-agon, turn off the light.” But Princess Dragon said “Uh um, Galoof, I don’t want to turn off the light”.

“Why not?” said Galoof.

“Because I’m afraid of the dark.” Princess Dragon whispered.

“Why?” asked Galoof.

“Because there are monsters in the dark.” Princess Dragon whispered again.

“But, Princess Dragon, you’re a monster.” Galoof pointed out.

Princess Dragon thought about that for a second. She was getting hungry.

“But, they still scare me.” Princess Dragon continued.

“You don’t think they’ll eat you? Do you?” asked Galoof.

“No, I wouldn’t taste very good, Dragons are pretty scaly.” Princess Dragon replied.

“You don’t think think they’ll pop out and surprise you? Do you?” asked Galoof.

“No, there aren’t many places to hide in here.” Princess Dragon responded.

“You don’t think they’ll roar at you? Do you?” asked Galoof.

“No, most monsters would be too scared of a dragon to roar at her.” Princess Dragon thought aloud.

“Are you just stalling because you want a snack?” asked Galoof.

“Yes, please. Popcorn.” said Princess Dragon.

So they got up and went downstairs and had a big bowl of popcorn, OWNOM NOM NOM! Then Princess Dragon brushed her teeth again, turned off the light, and went to sleep.

Night night!

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