Mother’s Day Card: A Short Story About Love

Mother's Day Card

Princess Dragon was excited about Mother’s Day!

Her mom, Queen Freda, loved her so much and worked so hard to make Princess Dragon happy every day.

So what could Princess Dragon do to show her mom she loved her, too?

Well, she could buy her mother expensive jewelry or flowers. But Princess Dragon didn’t have any money.

“I know” said Princess Dragon. I can make my mom a Mother’s Day card.

So, Princess Dragon got out some sparkles, and some glitter, some cardboard, some felt and some glue.

First, she cut the felt (with her grown-up friend Galoof the caveman supervising) into fun little shapes. She made hearts, and she made flowers, and she made a little bee.

Then, she folded the cardboard in half to make a card. She glued the pieces of felt onto the card.

On the front, she wrote “I love you, Mom!” and she glued the hearts around the words.

On the inside, she wrote “I’ll Bee Sweet For You!” and she glued the bee next to the words and the flower next to the bee.

Then, Princess Dragon put on some cherry lipstick and gave the card a big kiss. She wrote “XOXO, Princess Dragon”. That means hugs and kisses!

Would you like to make your mom a card next Mother’s Day? I bet she’d love it.


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