Princess Dragon Gets Sick

Princess Dragon woke up on a sunny Saturday. But, she didn’t feel right. Her forehead was warm, her nose was runny, and she had a headache.

“Princess Dragon, it’s time for breakfast!” Galoof the caveman piped up the stairs.

“I… don’t feel good” groaned Princess Dragon.

“Are you sick?” Galoof asked.

“I think so.” the Princess puffed.

Galoof the caveman came up the stairs with a thermometer. He placed it under Princess Dragon’s tongue.

“Now, hold this here for two minutes, and don’t drink anything or breathe fire.” Galoof explained.

Princess Dragon waited patiently. Galoof waited doctorly.

When the thermometer came out of Princess Dragon’s mouth, it showed a fever!

“You’ll have to stay home, Princess Dragon.” Galoof sighed.

Princess Dragon just flipped over and moaned.

“Can you get me some juice?” She huffed.

“Yes” Galoof replied right away.

“and medicine?”


“…and tissues, my favorite toys, and stuffed animals?”


“…and a a new blanket? And can you turn the TV on?”

Galoof  just nodded and moaned.

All day long, Princess Dragon slept and snored. And she only woke up to call for Galoof to bring her more things.

At the end of the day, Princess Dragon was feeling better. Her fever was gone, her nose wasn’t running, and her head felt just fine.

But, as Princess Dragon looked around her room, she saw all sorts of empty juice boxes, tissues all over her bed, and toys and stuffed animals scattered throughout the room. She realized how much she stuff she had asked Galoof to bring her all day.

She called Galoof again. When he got up to her room, he had dark circles under his eyes, he was hunched over and VERY tired.

“Galoof, I’m sorry I asked for all this stuff, but thanks for bringing it to me.” Princess Dragon cleaned up all of her toys, and gathered up and threw away all of her empty juice boxes and tissues. When she was done, she turned to Galoof and…

“Achoo!” sneezed Galoof.

I guess tomorrow, Princess Dragon will be taking care of Galoof.


Princess Dragon Goes Bowling

Pink Bowling Ball

Princess Dragon was bored. Sooooooooo bored.

“Galoof. What are we going to do?” Asked Princess Dragon.

“Well, you could do the laundry.” Suggested Galoof.

“No, I want to do something fun.” Said Princess Dragon.

“Oh, you could mow the lawn.” Galoof replied.

“Galoof, I said fun” Princess Dragon insisted.

“Tax season is coming up, you could file…”

“Galoof, really!” Princess Dragon was starting to get upset.

“Okay, okay, do you want to go bowling?” Asked Galoof?

“Yeah! That’s it!” Princess Dragon jumped up and down and gave Galoof a big hug.

Galoof and Princess Dragon headed out towards the bowling alley. It was a nice, sunny day and they decided to walk on the nice, sunny sidewalk. Because it was so sunny, Princess Dragon and Galoof were thirsty by the time they got to the bowling alley.

Luckily, there was a water fountain just inside the bowling alley doors. Galoof stood on his tiptoes and took a couple quick sips of water. Sip-sip-sip. Princess Dragon bent down as far as she could and took a couple of big gulps. Glup-glup-glup.

Since they already had water, Princess Dragon decided they should have some food. So they ordered popcorn from the concession stand. And pizza, and a hot dog, and some nachos. Princess Dragon and Galoof sat down in one the lanes and had their snack. Galoof ate two nacho chips. Princess Dragon ate the popcorn, omw-nom-nom, the pizza, nom-nom, the hot dog, the rest of the nachos, nom-nom-nom-nom and a napkin that was laying too close to the popcorn. Blech, napkins are not tasty.

Since Galoof was full and Princess Dragon was less hungry, they decided it was time to go bowling. They walked up to the counter and they checked out a lane for a round. They needed to rent special shoes so that Galoof’s feet and Princess Dragon’s claws did not scuff the bowling alley floor. Galoof wore a size eleven, and Princess Dragon wore a size one hundred and eleven. They also picked out bowling balls. Galoof picked a green, sixteen pound ball and Princess Dragon picked out a pink ball that was also sixteen pounds. Sixteen pounds is the heaviest bowling ball they had at the bowling alley. Princess Dragon had to grip the ball very carefully with her claw because her claw was so big.

Princess Dragon and Galoof walked to the lane for their first frame. Galoof wrote their names on the scorecard.

“Now, Princess Dragon, there are ten frames and you want to knock all ten pins down in each frame.” Galoof explained. “I’ll show you.”

Galoof picked up his green ball, walked toward the alley, and rolled it at the pins. CRASH! the ball knocked over all but three of the pins. A big machine came down and picked up the three pins that were still standing. It swept the other pins away.

“There, I scored a seven on my first roll.” Galoof said, as he wrote a seven on the scorecard. “Ten minus three is seven. Now I roll again.”

Just then, Galoof’s green ball popped out of the ball return and rolled over. Galoof picked it up and rolled it down the lane again. This time it knocked over all but one of the pins. The big machine came down and swept away all the pins.

“A nine! Not bad for my first frame.” Galoof grinned as he wrote a two next to the seven on his scorecard. “Now it is your turn.”

Princess Dragon had never bowled before. She picked up her pink ball between two of her claws and looked at Galoof.

“It’s easy, you just try to knock over the pins with that ball.” Galoof encouraged her.

“Oh!” Said Princess Dragon. And she walked down the lane and swung the ball into the pins.

“No Princess Dragon!” Galoof shouted “Not like that. You have to stay behind the line and roll the ball at the pins.

“But I knocked them all over. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?” Princess Dragon was embarassed.

“Yes.” Explained Galoof “But you also have to follow the rules. I’ll show you again.”

Galoof picked up his green ball, and rolled it at the pins again. He knocked them all down.

“Strike!” Galoof exclaimed. He wrote an X on the scorecard for his second frame. “A strike means I knocked down all ten pins, but I get more points depending on how many pins I knock down on my next turn.”

It was Princess Dragon’s turn again.

She knew she had to stay behind the line and roll the ball. But how could such a big dragon roll such a tiny ball? She tried to do it the way Galoof did, but the ball just got stuck on her claw. She shook it off, and it fell on the ground and rolled down a little track on the side of the lane, right past the pins. It didn’t knock any of them over.

“That’s called a gutter. You rolled a gutter ball.” Galoof said. “But don’t worry, you get to try again.”

Now Princess Dragon was nervous. She did not want another gutter ball, but she still did not know how she would roll her tiny, pink ball. She tried picking it up between two of her claws and flicking it with a third. The ball launched across the alley and landed five lanes away. The people at that lane did not look very happy. Princess Dragon was embarrassed.

“That does it! I just can’t bowl!” Princes Dragon pouted. And she started to walk out the door.

“Wait!” Said Galoof. “I have an idea!”

Galoof whispered something to the bowling alley operator. That is the man who works at the bowling alley. The operator nodded and pushed a button. Two long boards popped up next to the gutters on the side of the bowling lane.

“They call those bumpers.” Said Galoof. “They stop the ball from falling into the gutter.”

“But I still don’t know how to roll the little ball.” Princess Dragon cried.

“Don’t worry.” Galoof reassured her. He walked to the side of the alley and came back with a triangular ramp. He put it down in front of the lane.  “You can use a bowling ramp! You put the ball on it and roll it down the ramp to get started.”

“But Galoof! How am I supposed to roll the ball down the ramp?” Princess Dragon wondered.

“Use your tail!”

That sounded brilliant. Princess Dragon put her little pink ball on the top of the ramp carefully and whacked it with her tail. The ball rolled the ramp, down the lane, and knocked over some pins.

“Yey!” Princess Dragon cheered.

“You did it!” Galoof shouted.

They had eight more frames to bowl. Princess Dragon used her ramp and knocked down 49 pins total. Galoof knocked down 82 pins, but because of his strike he scored 92.

Princess Dragon and Galoof had a great time at the bowling alley. Would you like to go bowling with your friends?


Turn Off The Light! A Short Bedtime Story

Light switch in on position

Princess Dragon was still playing when the sun went down in the sky. She heard Galoof the Caveman yell “Princess Dra-a-agon! It’s time to go to bed.” So Princess Dragon went to bed. But she didn’t turn off the light!

Galoof said “Princess Dra-a-agon, turn off the light.” But Princess Dragon said “Uh um, Galoof, I don’t want to turn off the light”.

“Why not?” said Galoof.

“Because I’m afraid of the dark.” Princess Dragon whispered.

“Why?” asked Galoof.

“Because there are monsters in the dark.” Princess Dragon whispered again.

“But, Princess Dragon, you’re a monster.” Galoof pointed out.

Princess Dragon thought about that for a second. She was getting hungry.

“But, they still scare me.” Princess Dragon continued.

“You don’t think they’ll eat you? Do you?” asked Galoof.

“No, I wouldn’t taste very good, Dragons are pretty scaly.” Princess Dragon replied.

“You don’t think think they’ll pop out and surprise you? Do you?” asked Galoof.

“No, there aren’t many places to hide in here.” Princess Dragon responded.

“You don’t think they’ll roar at you? Do you?” asked Galoof.

“No, most monsters would be too scared of a dragon to roar at her.” Princess Dragon thought aloud.

“Are you just stalling because you want a snack?” asked Galoof.

“Yes, please. Popcorn.” said Princess Dragon.

So they got up and went downstairs and had a big bowl of popcorn, OWNOM NOM NOM! Then Princess Dragon brushed her teeth again, turned off the light, and went to sleep.

Night night!

Lightswitch On
Try Clicking!

Light’s out!

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