Time To Go! A Potty Training Rhyme

Hooray! Princess Dragon has been up for 3 days! Keep on reading!

Princess Dragon, is it time to go?
Does your bottom want to say hello?

There’s no need to do that dance.
Run to the loo, pull down your pants.

Hop on the potty and just relax.
Think about your favorite snacks.

Take a deep breath, nice and slow.
Keep relaxing, let it go.

Toilet with water
Click To Go And Flush!

When your done, wipe front to back.
Wipe again if the paper’s black.

Go to the sink and wash your hands.
Hear Mom and Dad clapping? They’re your biggest fans!

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5 thoughts on “Time To Go! A Potty Training Rhyme

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  2. These stickers have been a great enagurcoement for my daughter to use the potty. Previously we were just using a reward sticker chart, however my daughter was expecting one every time she sat down on her potty. The My Wee Friend sticker is placed at the bottom of the potty and is black until it is contact with warm liquid (i.e. Wee! ) and then a cute little face looks up at you rewarding you with a smile!. Now my daughter comes smiling to me and declaring “Mummy! Wee! Face!” and then she’ll now get a reward sticker on her chart. GD Star Ratingloading…

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